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Byron VIP Travel

Splash & Dribble

Painting on canvas to music

"everything you need is within.."

Splash & Dribble – expressing on canvas to music.For a real Byron experience… come and discover your creativity in a fun and freeing way.

The young Pablo Picasso would have loved Splash and Dribble, a fun and informal opportunity to touch into your true creative potential.

No rules, no structure, just a moment to allow everything to fall away and to discover your own innate self-expression. Conducted by two naturally gifted women in a magnificent rural setting just 10 minutes from Byron Bay.

Mackayla Chalmers and Melinda Blair Paterson have spent two years developing their ‘no experience necessary’ forum providing an opportunity for everyone to overcome the often, subtle fear of putting paint on canvas.

It also offers practising artists a creative space in which to free themselves up in a day of flowering self-expression, to dismantle the barriers to creativity.

This double act has Mackayla using music as a creative backdrop for you to dismantle the barriers to creativity, while Melinda shares her Diploma of Fine Arts talents with those wishing to further their practice and enrich their experience.

Splash and Dribble is offered on Saturdays and some weekdays 11am to 4pm, at the cost of $50 per day including all materials and a delicious morning tea.

And where Picasso burnt much of his earliest work to keep himself warm, Mackayla and Melinda have gas heating. Not only will you not have to burn your masterpieces, you can take them home.

CONTACT DETAILS Mackayla Chalmers

M: 0432 980 291 E: [email protected]

See Photo Gallery for Splash & Dribble Creations...

A lovely gathering on Saturday 21st May 2011...check out the creations....