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Mullum Music Festival, 2015 Review

Photography by Anthony Moulay, A V Images

Mayor Simon Richardson described Mullum Music Festival as an extension of the Mullum Community, where every nook and cranny was activated, with musicians on the street and all the local venues pumping.

As in the past seven years, this years punters got insanely great music for 4 days.

One of the many great things about this amazing festival is you don't have to go through gates to get in, the whole town is the festival. You enter in a really gentle way, compared to other major festivals. So there's a relaxed vibe from the moment you arrive, with not a portaloo in sight. 

The Magic Double Decker bus shuffled partying punters around the village, for free. Singing, dancing and generally being frivolous was encouraged and the roving party added a rainbowesque sparkle to the towns colourful mood.

Lots of street performances, like the Californian Honeydrops [pictured], kept the streets lively.

Those looking to party hard were not disappointed, and there was plenty for those who took it a bit more gentle, and popped in and out of venues across town. The venues are all only within a few hundred metres flat walk of each other, some within the same block. 

The outdoor precinct was part of the festival, culminating with the family friendly Sunday parade, and all was blessed by balmy summer weather.

The whole festival is financially accessible,with normal prices in the cafes and clubs. There was no sense that money was bleeding out of your pocket, as can be the case with the mega festivals in the Shire. 

At the Courthouse, Hat Fitz and Cara pumped out their bluesy set with a blend of guttural bluesy tones from Fitzy and sweetness from Cara.

The Sydney quartet, All our Exes live in Texas, found new fans with their old fashion country croonings, infused with a nod to pop. Alona Harker on Sunday was a standout.

Teaming with talent, The Church had all ages toe tapping and bopping. Along with the headline acts, there are acts that are right on the cusp of major stardom, that in a couple years time you'll be paying big bucks to see. To top it off, Mullum's very own comedic legend, Mandy Nolan, tickled our funny bones at the Drill Hall.

So if dancing, singing, partying, cruising, kicking back and generally celebrating life in Australia's biggest little town is your style, then this is the festival for you.