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Byron VIP Travel

Markets Guide

Bangalow Market

4th Sunday

Animal rides, arts and crafts, food, music, produce(02) 6687 1911

Bangalow is a small hinterland town known for Café's and Arts stores set along its lovely heritage streetscape.

The North Coast of NSW is home to a culture steeped in rural traditions, with country towns and villages nestled in the lush green hills and valleys formed from ancient volcanoes. With Nimbin to the west and Byron Bay to the east Bangalow is in the centre of the counter culture. The village an historical treasure. The markets on the 4th Sunday of every month are a gathering of locals; a get-together of artists, artisans, bakers, victuallers, therapists, farmers and friends. And from afar visitors are welcomed to join the day. You’ll hear the languages of people from far off lands, backpackers and celebrities alike make a day of the markets. The Bangalow Market Day is a treat for day trippers a retreat from the city and rush of the Gold Coast, Bangalow provides a window into another world. Come for the day.

Part of the continuing success of the market is the beautiful grounds the markets are held in, which are dominated by eleven huge camphor laurel trees which provide welcome shade and rustling leaves and a magic forest atmosphere.

The market is a day out for people, and health and safety regulations prevent pets from also attending so if you are coming to the market you will have to leave your dog at home.

A percentage of the market profit each month is distributed to Bangalow Community Groups on a rotating basis. The market then benefits the whole community and fulfils its role as a community market.

Parking is available in the showgrounds at the market. Parking fee is $2

How To Get There

The Pacific Highway used to run down the Main Street of Bangalow until the bypass was built. The village was located at a cross road of the Pacific Highway and the junction of the road running from Byron Bay 13 kilometres to the east and Lismore 32 kilometres to the west. The drive from the Gold Coast takes 45 minutes and from Brisbane about 1hour 45 minutes.

Scenic drives are a feature of the region and although you can travel to and from Bangalow on highways it’s the byways and back roads that

may make your trip to the markets more memorable.

Jim's Tours - Phone 02 6685 7720

Jim's runs a shuttle bus leaving at 10.00am from Byron Bay. It arrives at Bangalow around 10.50, two hour stopover then off to Nimbin, then Minyon Falls and return around 6.00pm.The tour price includes pick up from most backpacker hostels/motels in Byron.

Jim’s also run a shuttle from Byron (bus stop near the Visitors Centre) to Bangalow at 11am, 12noon and sometimes 1pm.

Nimbin Shuttle Bus - Phone 02 6680 9189

The Nimbin Shuttle Bus leaves from Byron Bay Visitors Centre at 11.30am, arrives at Bangalow for a two hour stopover, then off to Nimbin and Minyon falls, then back to Byron.

Parking is available inside the showground at the market. The red line on the aerial photo of Bangalow below, indicates the route through the village from the north. Parking signs will direct you from the Main Street

While you're in Bangalow, stop off in one of the cosy cafes & restaurants in the main street, offering tempting delights for your lazy Sunday afternoon.